This is the Way, walk in it         


The Hebrew Bible is One Book consisting of  The Tanak  ( The Torah - Law,  The Nebi 'im - Prophets, The Kethubim - Writings )  and  The haBrit haHadasha ( The Ketubim Bet - the Second Writings ). The Hebrew Bible will be spoken and taught by teaching you the true name of Elohim ( Yahuah - יהוה ) and the haMashiach ( Yahusha - יהושע ) as well as the Laws and Statutes set by Yahuah Elohim. 

A Work of Restoration


Let Us Reason

Lets examine some facts

Showing Compassion

We all need a hand 

The Laws

The way we must live


Sign Languages

Moving forward

The Passage Of Time

Do not repeat mistakes

Lets Learn

Hello kiddos its uncle tony