Set - Apart tYahuah     
 H   U   H   Y   

This is the Way, walk in it         


The Name

Take the opportunity to examine for yourself  THE NAME of Elohim. Connect the Letters so that you yourself will have the evidence you need. The ORIGINAL  ( Ancient Writings ) did NOT have Vowel pointing. Vowel pointing changes the meaning of the word.



The Ancient Name of Yahuah

In Paleo Hebrew

Parchment 1

Hebrew Ancient Parchment, from or about 50 BC with the name of YHUH in Paleo Hebrew.


It is always best to follow the ORIGINAL - Ancient Writings -

Parchment 2

Remember, Hebrew is read 
Right to Left.
But his delight is in the Torah of Yahuah


Evidence for The Name >>   (Research Purposes)


                                                                                                Ha      Uau        Ha      Yad

                                                                                   Ha         U            Ha         Y  

The Father's Name: YAHUAH

In Paleo Hebrew (Ancient Hebrew)

Modern Hebrew:   Yahuah  ( יהוה )

י       Yad/Yod
Produces a "Y" sound, Yad = "y" as in "Yell".
ה     Ha
As a Hebrew vowel letter it produces an "ah" sound. Ha = "h" as in "hot". 
ו    Uau
Produces a "u" sound.  Uau = "u"  as in "too".
ה    Ha
A Hebrew vowel letter that produces the "ah" sound. Ha = "h" as in "hot"